Football Fever


Meet or beat the score of the winning panelist for a chance to win $250 cash — one winning ballot awarded every week. Panelist picks found in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald every Friday.

One lucky winner will win $500 cash at the end of the promotion.

RULES: No purchase necessary to participate. This is an online only contest. The official ballot can be found online at To qualify to win, your ballot must have as many or more correct picks than the panelist (Football Fever Picks found in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald every Friday). A game that ends in a tie will count as a win for either team selected. Games that are cancelled, moved, or rescheduled, at any time, for any reason, will be voided from the week’s ballot. Weekly winners will be determined by a random drawing of all qualified entries received. Winner will be contacted. No phone calls please. The previous week’s winner will be announced in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald on Sundays. The weekly prize is $250 cash. At the end of the promotion, one grand prize winner will win $500 cash - drawn randomly from all ballots received throughout the promotion. You must be a Hawaii resident 21 years or older with a valid I.D. to participate and win. Employees (and their immediate families) of Oahu Publications, Inc.(OPI), Hawaii Tribune-Herald and all participating sponsors are not eligible to participate. Prize(s) are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. No prize substitutions will be made. Oahu Publications, Inc., Hawaii Tribune-Herald and all participating sponsors will not be liable for lost or stolen prizes. Winners must be responsible for all taxes applicable to the total value of the prize(s) received. Winners will provide their Social Security Number and complete/submit an IRS Form W-9 for tax filing. An IRS Form 1099 showing the fair market value of the prize(s) may be issued to the federal government for tax reporting purposes. Winners authorize the Hawaii Tribune-Herald to use their name and likeness for promotional ads at no additional compensation. Contest entrants authorize OPI, Hawaii Tribune-Herald use of email address for future specials and promotions.

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